3 Benefits of “Interview Day”

What do we mean when we say “Interview Day”? We mean a day set aside by you, and your interviewers (all those impacted by the new hire), to meet your very best candidates and evaluate them for the position they’re applying for. Many companies don’t dedicate one full day to interviewing candidates for an open position, but we think they should. Holding “Interview Day” at your company has multiple benefits. Here are just a few:

1. Interview Day speeds up the interview process.

It’s not unusual for companies to bring in one candidate at a time for an interview. This is because they’re bringing people in as they find them. This may seem faster in one sense but it usually ends up drawing out the interview process. We recommend picking your top 3 and bringing them in all on the same day.

2. Interview Day makes it easier to compare/contrast candidates.

When you have three candidates you’ve brought in on the same day, you’re able to more effectively compare their styles and their fit or match for your culture. It’s hard to compare candidates fairly when you bring them in on different days, as this subjects both your candidates and your interviewers to other variables that may affect their judgment. As an aside, it’s hard to compare candidates when you have four, which is too many options, or when you have just one or two, as it becomes an either/or situation.

3. Interview Day allows for preparation, organization, and focus.

When you set aside one day for your whole team to conduct interviews with candidates, you give yourself time to get organized and prepare the team. Because everyone has set this day aside to interview, there’s also greater focus. They aren’t interviewing after a long day of work, or thinking about the work they need to accomplish after the interview.

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