3 Reasons You Need to Do Team Interviews

If you’re like me, when you think about the perfect leader, you might imagine the famous painting of George Washington commanding that little boat on the Delaware River. He was launching a surprise attack on the Hessians during Christmas night in 1776. I’m sure you can see the picture in your mind’s eye: George is standing straight up on the boat, confidently and solemnly looking ahead, and inspiring confidence in the soldiers, men he might be leading to their deaths.

Without getting too dramatic, perhaps you want to be this same kind of leader. You take charge, make decisions and fearlessly lead your team through obstacles, competition and unforeseen setbacks. As a leader, you enjoy the challenge, control and sense of responsibility. But no matter how fearless or visionary you are, you know there are times when you need to involve your team in the decisions you make for your business. Sometimes the people fighting right next to us have a different point of view, maybe even a better vantage point that allows the team to avoid unnecessary hurdles.

At VisionSpark, we think that hiring decisions are exactly the kind of decisions you should involve your team in making. Here’s why:

1. Your team members have to work together.

So they should like each other. When they like each other, they’ll work better as a team, and be more productive. Make sure your team members think your potential new hire is someone they could get along with and support.

2. They may see something you don’t.

You may be an excellent judge of character but even the best of us can get the wool pulled over our eyes. Let’s be honest, if a candidate knows you’re the ultimate decision-maker, he’s going to make sure he makes a good impression on you, and he may be more relaxed with your team members. To prevent the halo effect of a glowing candidate, include your team in interviews and ask for their honest feedback.

3. Team buy-in = business success

When the team has a say in who’s hired, they’re more likely to support that person in their new role. It feels more like “our hire” rather than “your hire.” It’s just like it is with any new process or idea you’re implementing company-wide; when there’s buy-in, the overall outcome is more successful.

Have you held team interviews before? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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