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The ROI of Hiring Right (infographic)

As business leaders, we are very successful when it comes to making decisions regarding technology, equipment, marketing, and sales. Why don’t we have the same success when it comes to hiring? The key is viewing hiring as an investment....


Part 3: Four Key Steps for Successful Firing

For this final post on firing, I interviewed our resident HR guru, Fred Crum, to learn the steps that should be taken to fire an employee well. Fred believes in firing “smartly” and has a wealth of knowledge regarding...

Choosing Winners Training

Part 2: Dismissing the 5 Fears of Firing

Leaders may be nervous to fire employees for a variety of different reasons. We’re naming the 5 common fears of firing and offering some suggestions on overcoming those fears. If you have already identified an employee who needs let...


Part 1: 7 Signs it’s Time to “Fire Fast”

You know when an employee is causing you or other employees pain. Chances are, you’re already thinking of letting him go. If any of these 7 signs sounds familiar, it’s time to “fire fast.” 1. Customer complaints When more...


4 Steps to a Great Hiring Process

If your 2015 business objectives include more growth, and thus more hiring, consider creating a structured and repeatable hiring process. Traditionally, as a business grows in size and success, it becomes necessary to create policies and procedures to maintain...


Permission to Breathe: Granted

Just two months into 2015, are you already feeling the strain of too little time and an overbooked scheduled? At VisionSpark, the concept of “margin” is held in high esteem. We know it’s difficult to think deeply, prepare, or...


Want bottom line growth this year? Hold employees accountable

Essential for the continued growth and success of any business is goal setting.


How to Spot an Effective Leader

Effective leadership is key for success.   Most business owners know that. Successful business owners know their own strengths and weaknesses and have built a team of leaders around them to balance those traits. As you look to hire...


Bad Hire vs. Bad Fit (and how to fix it)

No doubt that as your 2015 strategic planning continues, you’re re-evaluating the team that’s carrying out your plan. The performance of your team will determine the success of your business objectives. One weak team member can significantly impact the...


Choosing Winners: An Introduction

As a small/medium sized business, what processes or structures do you have in place to attract talent for your specific culture? Once they are hired what plan do you use to grow talent throughout the organization? Really step back...



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