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why employee engagement matters now

Get Your Employee Engagement Right, Now

A slew of meaty studies have been published recently on employee engagement (among them, Temkin Group’s 2016 Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, The Ken Blanchard Companies’ Measuring Employee Engagement Report, and multiple publications by Gallup). Here’s a rundown of some...

the multi-generational workforce

How to Understand and Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce

A multi-generational workforce is reality. Whether it becomes a liability or an asset for your company depends largely on your management capabilities.   Why Your Workers Leave: Odds Are…It’s Their Manager According to a Gallup survey of one million...

Why Do Stay Interviews?

Retain Company Leaders by Using Stay Interviews

Conduct regular stay interviews with every employee you can’t afford to lose in 2016. As you fine tune your company’s strategic plan for the coming year, consider that your key leaders may not be there to implement it. According...

7 deadly sins of hiring

The 7 Deadly Sins of Hiring

  In 2016, employers must tighten up their approach to hiring, as the hiring landscape becomes increasingly competitive. Unfortunately, many hiring managers and entrepreneurs need to repent of their hiring sins. Are you one of them? Check out our...


Alec’s Tool Kit for Hiring Leaders

My passion is training business owners and CEOs on the right way to hire leaders for long term cultural fit and bottom line growth. Hiring right and engaging employees are key elements to achieving bottom line success. But hiring...

Choosing Winners Training

Part 2: Dismissing the 5 Fears of Firing

Leaders may be nervous to fire employees for a variety of different reasons. We’re naming the 5 common fears of firing and offering some suggestions on overcoming those fears. If you have already identified an employee who needs let...


4 Steps to Attracting the Best Leaders

Unfortunately there is no “silver bullet” when it comes to attracting the best leaders. But there are a few strategies you can use to ensure that you’re attracting and hiring the high quality leaders you need to grow your...


Permission to Breathe: Granted

Just two months into 2015, are you already feeling the strain of too little time and an overbooked scheduled? At VisionSpark, the concept of “margin” is held in high esteem. We know it’s difficult to think deeply, prepare, or...


Performance Evaluations: Are You Doing It Right?

  Today we have the great pleasure of introducing you to a dear friend of VisionSpark, Mr. Fred Crum. Fred worked at UPS in Operations Management and Human Resources for 35 years, and is founder and owner of Personnel...


3 Great Questions to Ask C-Suite Candidates

  Whether you’re hiring because of growth, turnover, or a change in business trajectory, hiring for a position in your C-suite can be overwhelming. When you finally round up your top candidates and begin the interviewing process, don’t just...

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