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Is VisionSpark a recruiter?

No, we are an executive search firm.

How is VisionSpark different than a recruiter?

We believe hiring is a process and we use the Choosing Winners System to evaluate candidates based on client specifications for both competency and character. We are accurate in identifying the candidatesstrengths and determining their potential. Unlike other firms, we also share the candidatesweaknesses.

What’s an executive search firm?

An executive search firm operates more like consultants. We work on a set fee as a partner with our client. We help determine WHOthe client is looking for before the search begins. We specialize in hiring top-level managers and leaders. We focus on your company, your culture, and your needs. We partner with you to determine what success looks like in this role and we interview candidates accordingly.

Is VisionSpark industry specific?

No, we are generalists. Most of our clients range in size from 50 employees to 500.

Does VisionSpark have a candidate database?

We do not use a candidate database, nor do we contract with candidates to help them find work. Every client and its needs are unique; as such, they will have a unique candidate pool. Our process invites candidates to participate. We often vet over 100 applicants for leadership level positions. In the end, our clients have three candidates to choose from.

If I hire VisionSpark, how long will the search process take?

For most positions, the process takes 8-12 weeks. We are focused on our client hiring the right candidate for long-term fit and bottom line growth. We carefully evaluate the candidates through several rounds of behavioral interviewing and the Achiever assessment. The cost of a mis-hire is significant.

Is there a guarantee on VisionSpark's placements?

Yes, VisionSpark guarantees all of our executive search hires. But dont take our word for it, check our client testimonials on the home page. We would be happy to provide you with references.


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