Finding Talent (Going up against Google and Facebook)

Having trouble attracting talent? It’s an issue that we hear time and time again from our clients.We reached out to Bob Spence, board member VisionSpark and founder of the Choosing Winners System™ how he is winning talent over from Google and Facebook in his current role as Vice President of Human Resources at Dynamit.

As Vice President of Human Resources at Dynamit Technologies LLC in Columbus, OH, and as a senior Vistage Resource, I am called upon many times to give presentations on various human resource topics, which most of the time is my presentation on the Choosing Winners System. I always allow time for questions, both during and at the completion of the presentation. One of the first questions to be asked is, “how can I find job candidates?” If I were to allow it to happen, the group would spend the majority of the time bemoaning their frustration in finding job candidates. I am known as an empathetic leader, sensitive and responsive to the needs of others, however, I have no sympathy for these complainers. You see, I am going up against Google and Facebook!

First, if you are having trouble finding candidates, what is your hiring process? Have you a clearly defined position profile and a targeted job posting? Where are you posting your jobs? There are numerous job boards, whether it be one of the majors like Indeed or CareerBuilder, or industry specific sites, community sites, or even bulletin boards in local churches. How about your company website? Do you have a careers section? Is it simple and easy to use? Are you paying a bonus to your current employees who recommend a candidate who is hired and is successful? Do you need professional assistance? Put on your thinking cap and be creative as to how you can get the word out about your job openings.

Now, all the posting options aside, what do you have to offer a candidate? Do you have a stated mission and vision? Are your core values out front? Have you a company culture in which people are valued and respected? Does your web site offer an accurate picture of your culture? While it is important to select the right posting options, how you present your company to potential candidates is far more important. At Dynamit we promote our core values, our learning environment and our open culture to potential job candidates. When you are compared to Google and Facebook, you have to put forth a major effort to show your unique and special culture.

Take time and do an assessment of your company. What do you have to offer a job candidate? Are your salaries market competitive? Do you offer benefits? At Dynamit we offer employer paid health insurance for our employees with a low deductible; unlimited vacation time; 10 weeks paid maternity leave for mothers and 2 weeks for fathers; paid parking in a downtown parking garage; 401k; annual bonus; competitive market-based salaries; 10 paid holidays; special company events like going to the Zoo and playing paint ball; and above and beyond all of that we have Dynamit University; weekly one-to-one meetings for every employee with his/her supervisor; job descriptions with clear metrics; personal growth profiles and plans with career paths; a roof-top deck for social events and work space on nice days; and an open office environment that is inviting without physical or emotional walls. There is not a simple answer to finding job candidates. However, stop moaning and complaining and take action and proactively, with purpose, go out into the market place and find the right fit and match of talent for your culture.

Bob Spence has been in HR leadership for nearly forty years. He has been married for 45 years, has two adult children and two wonderful grandchildren. Bob and his wife live in Dublin, Ohio.

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