is your hiring system naughty or nice

Is Your Hiring System Naughty or Nice? Get the Easy Checklist


A new year brings with it an opportunity to start fresh and implement an improved hiring system. But before we jump ahead to the New Year, first stop and assess the current state of your hiring system. We’ve compiled a list of statements reflecting a variety of factors that, together, influence the condition of your hiring system. It’s an easy way to quickly assess your hiring system’s health.


Take this simple inventory to see if your hiring system is naughty or nice.

About the following statements: true equals “naughty” in this list. The more statements that are true for you, the worse the state of your hiring system.


Hiring system:

  1. You have no hiring system. (Read more about why this is so harmful here).
  2. You have no standard interview questions.
  3. You have no standard interview process.
  4. You have no standard onboarding system
  5. You have no standard assessment tool.
  6. You don’t recruit or hire year-round, only as needed (often in desperation).
  7. You hire based on expediency rather than excellence.
  8. Hiring decisions are made based on resumes.
  9. Hiring decisions are made based on instinct and impressions acquired during the interview.
  10. Hiring decisions are made based on the candidate’s likeability and/or affinity.
  11. Hiring decisions are made by one person.
  12. You hire without getting buy-in from your team.
  13. You don’t determine who and what you need before you start searching.
  14. Your hiring process does not include a combination of behavioral interviews and assessments.
  15. Hiring decisions are made too fast (without proper vetting and due diligence).
  16. Hiring decisions are made too slow (and the candidate is lost to another opportunity).


Quality of hires:

  1. Of your 10 last hires, you would rehire less than 7.
  2. Most of your new hires leave within 90 days (according to PwC Saratoga, 80% of the time when this happens it means the wrong person was hired for the job, based on fit, match or culture.)
  3. Your organization underestimates the real cost of mis-hiring. (See #2 here).
  4. Your organization doesn’t factor in the long-term productivity costs of hiring anything but top performers. (Read more about this here).
  5. You haven’t made any changes to be more competitive for the shifting pool of applicants (now majority Millennials).


Corporate culture:

  1. Your company culture and core values are undefined.
  2. Your job descriptions and hiring process don’t reflect your culture and values. (Read more about hiring for values here).
  3. You’ve made hires that don’t fit with your corporate culture.


will your hiring system get coal


Employer brand: (If your first question is: “What is an employer brand?”, you may not have one).

  1. Your company has a negative reputation on
  2. Nothing, or negative coverage, appears for your company in Google search results.
  3. The vetting process is unnecessarily drawn out, with poor communication with the candidate.
  4. Every interaction is not treated as a sales opportunity to woo your candidate.
  5. Your job descriptions sound like they could be from any company.
  6. Your jobs are not posted on the most appropriate sites.


Employee satisfaction and retention:

  1. Your current employees are not happy. (Read more about the relationship between a good hiring process and employee happiness and productivity).
  2. Your employees are picking up the slack for unfilled positions over extended periods of time.
  3. Employee productivity is down.
  4. Your turnover rate is up. (86% of employees are looking for new work outside of their current job ( data, in Fortune).
  5. You have no strategy or plans for employee retention.
  6. There’s been a change in your customer satisfaction rate. (A dip may reflect lowered quality of customer care from unhappy employees).


How did your organization fare? If your hiring system landed closer to naughty than nice, start thinking about how you can turn it around for 2016.


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