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Hire4Impact™ Custom In-House Training

We’ll show you how it’s done. We’ve tailored our executive hiring process to open positions at all levels of your organization. Participants in our customized, in-house Hire4Impact Training walk away with our proven strategies and tools to identify and recruit the right candidates the first time. Learn more about our Hire4Impact Custom In-House Training here.

About VisionSpark's Hire4Impact Training

Executive Search

Through our five-step interview process, we’ll discover executive level candidates whose experience, personality and values are consistent with your company’s culture.

  • We have a 99% client satisfaction rate
  • Only two of our last 450 hires have been let go within the first year
  • We have an average placement tenure of eight years
  • We offer you a six month guarantee

Talent Forensics™

We investigate, we research, we find proof. Our Talent Forensics service identifies talented candidates using a collection of research-based behavioral interview questions and wide-ranging assessments. Send us your top candidates and we will assist you in the selection process.

Achiever™ Family of Assessments

You’ll get a comprehensive profile of your candidates with our family of behavioral assessments. The Achiever assesses 12 areas of competency, six cognitive learning skills and 10 personality dimensions to provide you with:

  • A detailed narrative of your candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and compatibility with the job
  • A comparison with your top performer or industry talent
  • Behavioral interview questions to probe areas of concern

Learn more about the Achiever Family of Assessments here.

Employment Center ATS

Organize, identify and evaluate your candidates with our Applicant Management System. Our system incorporates the Achiever™ assessment findings into the results, streamlining the hiring process and saving you time and money.


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