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Crack the Code of Hiring Right


Alec Broadfoot of VisionSpark for Speaking, Training & Workshops on Hiring

Key issues covered include:

  • Hiring poorly and hiring right greatly impacts the bottom line
  • Attracting top performers
  • Importance of a position profile
  • Interviewing techniques that reveal candidates’ character and performance traits
  • Implementing a proven hiring system

Participants are trained on the much sought after Manager Screener Interview (based on years of research) of the Choosing Winners System™. In addition, participants learn which job boards and applicant tracking systems are most effective for their company and positions.

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“Thanks for your presentation yesterday.  We have had some great speakers that have given us some great information.  However, you have given me more low fruit, no cost ideas with gigantic return than anybody that we have heard.  Thanks again.”

“People are the most important way to achieve our goals. I realized that we have no process for how to surround ourselves with the best people. It’s been like shooting spit wads at a target without your glasses on.  … I came away with a lot more than a process. I came away with the fundamental understanding, that we cannot reach our goals if we can’t support them with a process.”  – Angela Petro, CEO Two Caterers Contemporary Cuisine



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