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why employee engagement matters now

Get Your Employee Engagement Right, Now

A slew of meaty studies have been published recently on employee engagement (among them, Temkin Group’s 2016 Employee Engagement Benchmark Study, The Ken Blanchard Companies’ Measuring Employee Engagement Report, and multiple publications by Gallup). Here’s a rundown of some...

hire for fit and match

How to Hire for Fit and Match Instead of Experience and Education

  Do you hire for fit? Many companies say they do, but not all of them are executing it well. Here’s a look at how and why you should hire for fit, and why we think it trumps experience...

hiring for values in the EOS process

Why Hiring for Values is Important to the EOS Process™

  Hiring for values doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If you want to improve your outcomes and bottom line through hiring, your organization must be ready. VisionSpark focuses on identifying, articulating and hiring for corporate culture fit. How can...

what to do with corporate culture misfits

How To Deal With A Corporate Culture Misfit

  I was speaking with the CEO of a local company yesterday, and he was disappointed by the discovery that one of his new executive hires is not working out. This was a candidate who had come highly recommended...


Choosing Winners: An Introduction

As a small/medium sized business, what processes or structures do you have in place to attract talent for your specific culture? Once they are hired what plan do you use to grow talent throughout the organization? Really step back...


Assessment Tests: Saving you Time and Money

We’ve seen a recent trend develop that places heavy emphasis on corporate culture. As we mentioned in our previous article, the people in your organization are your greatest resource. Helping them realize their full potential will only help you...


Developing a Winning Culture: Emulating the Big Brands.

What makes an organization successful? More importantly, what makes your organization successful? All too often, many CEOs and leaders are focused on what their organizations are doing wrong. Instead, they should be focused on what they could be doing...



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