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Prevent Panic Hires

The ABC’s of Preventing Panic Hires: Be Prepared

Panic hires don’t happen to prepared companies. If you want to prevent panic hires, the secret is to always have a team of qualified “players” on the bench, ready to jump in the game when called upon.   Good...

hire right fit employees in a shrinking applicant pool

How to Hire Right-Fit Employees In A Shrinking Applicant Pool

  Recently, we wrote a post about why employers in “B minus towns” should hire (not just recruit) on an ongoing basis. The truth is, when it comes to hiring these days, all employers may as well be in...

Achiever Assessments for Business

How the Achiever Assessment Can Help Your Business

  Why should you care about an assessment tool? We’ve written before about the high costs of mis-hiring and how a strategic hiring process can improve productivity, employee morale, and your company’s bottom line. The potential rewards of strategic...

when should you outsource your hiring

When To Outsource Hiring and When To Do It In-House

A question has come up for us recently, as we prepare for our Choosing Winners System Training that will take place here in Columbus this Friday. Specifically, why are we teaching businesses how to do their own hiring, in-house?...


The ROI of Hiring Right (infographic)

As business leaders, we are very successful when it comes to making decisions regarding technology, equipment, marketing, and sales. Why don’t we have the same success when it comes to hiring? The key is viewing hiring as an investment....

Choosing Winners Training

Part 2: Dismissing the 5 Fears of Firing

Leaders may be nervous to fire employees for a variety of different reasons. We’re naming the 5 common fears of firing and offering some suggestions on overcoming those fears. If you have already identified an employee who needs let...



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