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the multi-generational workforce

How to Understand and Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce

A multi-generational workforce is reality. Whether it becomes a liability or an asset for your company depends largely on your management capabilities.   Why Your Workers Leave: Odds Are…It’s Their Manager According to a Gallup survey of one million...


Finding Talent (Going up against Google and Facebook)

Having trouble attracting talent? It’s an issue that we hear time and time again from our clients.We reached out to Bob Spence, board member VisionSpark and founder of the Choosing Winners System™ how he is winning talent over from...


Choosing Winners: An Introduction

As a small/medium sized business, what processes or structures do you have in place to attract talent for your specific culture? Once they are hired what plan do you use to grow talent throughout the organization? Really step back...


Assessment Tests: Saving you Time and Money

We’ve seen a recent trend develop that places heavy emphasis on corporate culture. As we mentioned in our previous article, the people in your organization are your greatest resource. Helping them realize their full potential will only help you...


Developing a Winning Culture: Emulating the Big Brands.

What makes an organization successful? More importantly, what makes your organization successful? All too often, many CEOs and leaders are focused on what their organizations are doing wrong. Instead, they should be focused on what they could be doing...



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